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As we've previously blogged, all Etavonni Home product is certified Made in Green by Oeko-Tex. This certification is the most wide reaching, comprehensive certification in textiles manufacturing in the world. In our first blog on this we focused on our manufacturing processes, which encompasses waste treatment, chemical usage, and energy sources among other tested aspects in manufacturing.

The second piece of it centers around factory worker safety which by extension includes consumer safety. There are three basic exposure pathways through which a person can have mild to severe reaction to chemical substances. Those are inhalation, ingestion, and contact with the skin.

It matters because we want you to be able to update your bedroom without creating waste. So put our duvet covers over what you have. Don't throw it away. We also want you to be able to reduce your energy use. Washing the cover of your comforter requires a lot less energy and time than washing your comforter. That reduces your carbon footprint. And that actually is a revolution.

All of our RE bedding is made with a blend that includes recycled plastic bottles waste. So, how do we recycle a plastic bottle?

Well, first we sterilize the bottles and then crush them into very small pieces. These very small pieces are then heated and passed through a machine called a spinneret to create strings of yarn. The yarn is then spooled, and put through a crimping process to give it a “fluffier” (scientific description) texture. Now it is a yarn ready for manufacturing.

All of our product is certified Made in Green by Oeko-Tex. Now, if you’re like us back when we first became aware of this certification, you may be saying to yourself “that sounds made up”. And that is very understandable. So, over the course of a few journal entries, we are going to tell you what we’ve learned makes a product Made in Green, and why we are very proud of this certification.