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All of our RE bedding is made with a blend that includes recycled plastic bottles waste. So, how do we recycle a plastic bottle?

Well, first we sterilize the bottles and then crush them into very small pieces. These very small pieces are then heated and passed through a machine called a spinneret to create strings of yarn. The yarn is then spooled, and put through a crimping process to give it a “fluffier” (scientific description) texture. Now it is a yarn ready for manufacturing.

From there, it is woven or knitted into a fabric. Either on its own, or blended with cotton, as in the case of our RE bedding.

So, it seems like a lot to go through, and may beg the question why?

Well, a polyester yarn created from recycling plastic bottle waste actually requires about 8 times less energy than creating a new polyester yarn. 8 times less. 

And, recycling plastic bottles reduces green house gas emissions. Recycling 1 million plastic bottles eliminates 180 metric tons of CO2 gases being released into the air as compared to creating new polyester. So, each one of our RE collections eliminates about 1.5 KG of CO2 gas from being discharged into the air.

And finally, and most obviously, every plastic bottle that is recycled is a plastic bottle that isn’t in landfill. On average, every RE duvet cover set eliminates 10 plastic bottles from landfills.

So we recycle all of the plastic bottles we can for our bedding…and we have some new product categories coming to recycle even more. 

We hope you’ll stay tuned for those!


Etavonni Home Team