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The Duvet Cover Revolution

Okay...maybe it's not a revolution, but there is, perhaps, a great misconception about about duvet covers. Generally, that misconception rests on two things. The first is that if you buy a duvet cover, you have to buy an insert to put in it. The second is that they add hassle to changing your bed initially, and after washing. So, in order to defunct the myth, we will tell you a couple of things. And we will tell you why it matters to us.

The first is that you don't need buy anything to put inside your duvet cover. You can put a duvet cover right over the comforter that's currently on your bed. It's a very easy way to completely update the look of your bedroom.

Secondly, a duvet cover is easy to put over your comforter. Simply hold each top corner of the comforter, and slide the duvet cover over until you have each comforter corner in the corresponding corner of the duvet cover. Grab the top duvet cover corners that are now filled with the comforter corners, and hold the up in the air for the duvet cover fabric to drop down. Button the closure, give a couple of shakes to evenly distribute the comforter, and you are done! When you need to wash it, you're washing a cover, not a bulky comforter.

Finally, why this matters to us.

It matters because we want you to be able to update your bedroom without creating waste. So put our duvet covers over what you have. Don't throw it away. We also want you to be able to reduce your energy use. Washing the cover of your comforter requires a lot less energy and time than washing your comforter. That reduces your carbon footprint. And that actually is a revolution.

And if you become an Etavonni Home customer, and you get to the point that you're ready for a new collection....we've got some really interesting news heading your way soon about your previous purchase from us. We don't want that to become waste either.

Did we mention we like to recycle things......