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Made in Green Certification 2.0

As we've previously blogged, all Etavonni Home product is certified Made in Green by Oeko-Tex. This certification is the most wide reaching, comprehensive certification in textiles manufacturing in the world. In our first blog on this we focused on our manufacturing processes, which encompasses waste treatment, chemical usage, and energy sources among other tested aspects in manufacturing.

The second piece of it centers around factory worker safety which by extension includes consumer safety. There are three basic exposure pathways through which a person can have mild to severe reaction to chemical substances. Those are inhalation, ingestion, and absorption through contact with the skin.

Made in Green requires that no substance used in any aspect of your manufacturing and waste treatment can pose any risk whatsoever. This means harmful substances cannot be used in printing and dyeing or wastewater treatment and everything in between. No where. The point of this being that no one and nothing can be negatively impacted by any substance used for any aspect of our manufacturing from the very beginning of our process to the cleaned wastewater that goes back into waterways after our production cycle.

We use ZERO harmful substances.

You may be wondering what are the harmful substances and if there is a list of them that can be accessed. The answer is yes, and it reads comparably to the Webster's Dictionary. 

It is common in factories around the world to see workers in masks to avoid inhalation of harmful fumes or vapors, as well as chemical repellant gloves above the elbow to avoid skin contact with harmful irritants. It is common to see signs like those featured in the image for our note. It is also fairly common to NOT see any of these things in factories using harmful chemicals in their manufacturing process.

We won't ever use any material or substance in our manufacturing process that has any possibility of being harmful to our employees, the fish in the waterways with which we have a relationship, or, and most of all, you.

The Made in Green certification is tough to achieve. It takes an unwavering commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. Oeko-Tex is relentless about protecting the environment, factory workers, and you.

So are we.