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The Pursuit of Net Zero

We put tremendous effort continuously into minimizing our carbon footprint. It is a core principle of ours that we take very seriously. Despite all of our efforts we still are not able to fully eliminate a footprint for a few reasons.

First, while we are somewhat proud that we are fueling 40% of our manufacturing energy needs with solar power, at this time we are only at 40%. That's not our goal, but it's where we are today.

Secondly, we use third party trucks to get containers carrying our product to the port from our manufacturing facility and from the port to our warehouse here in the US.

Third, our containers travel the Atlantic Ocean on a large cargo ship to get to the US

Finally, we use UPS, or other delivery methods you choose, to get our product to your home.

So, those are carbon emissions we need to offset, and after a good deal of calculation, we purchased 5 metric tonnes of offsets based on our activity so far. This is roughly the equivalent of burning 550 gallons of gasoline. Through our calculations, we know this covers our emission activity to this point, but...

We realized something important to us in this process.

We were chasing emissions that have already occurred. In that, we would only hit net zero at each point we purchased offsets. Meaning most of the time we would be net zero minus current emissions.

We needed help figuring out how to get ahead of this, and we are fortunate to find Native Energy, They are a company that focuses on exactly what we are looking for, getting ahead of unavoidable emissions. We are entering a partnership with them to offset our emissions before they occur.

There are two great lies flying around our planet. The first is that global warming is no big deal. The second is that there is nothing we can do about global warming, it is inevitable.

You don't need to trust us with this, you can find it easily with a little research, but if our planet is net zero, the temperature on our planet will stop rising. While this may seem improbable, and news around this subject quite daunting, global net zero is quite possible.

Demark, Australia, UK, and India are countries that have actionable plans to be net zero by or before 2070. Also, over 100 US cities have joined Cities Race to Zero. Check out to learn more. There is a tremendous amount of work to do, and obviously smaller cities have an easier path to net zero, as do heavily forested countries, Suriname as example. However, tremendously heightened global awareness makes global net zero tangible.

As for us, we are fully committed to doing our part. Between continuing and new initiatives in our factory and purchase of future emission offsets our mission is very simple.

Net zero isn't going to be the best we are. Its going to be the worst we are.