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Made in Green Certification

All of our product is certified Made in Green by Oeko-Tex. Now, if you’re like us back when we first became aware of this certification, you may be saying to yourself “that sounds made up”. And that is very understandable. So, over the course of a few journal entries, we are going to tell you what we’ve learned makes a product Made in Green, and why we are very proud of this certification.

Made in Green certification consists of 4 main categories of requirements. In this entry, we’ll talk about the first of those. Environmentally friendly production…pretty generic sounding itself. So what does it mean?

Environmentally friendly production consists of 4 sub requirements:

1. Optimization of chemical management. Meaning no, zero, harmful substances are used in any phase of our manufacturing. Zero. Not in making yarn, weaving fabric, dyeing or printing fabric, cutting or sewing fabric, or packaging product. Zero harmful substances anywhere in our processes. Nada.

2. Responsible management of wastewater and emissions. This requires a thorough water treatment process to clean the water run off from our manufacturing, and recycling of our cleaned wastewater so that we pull less water from natural resources. It also requires us to have a significantly reduced carbon footprint. What is our carbon footprint? That’s the mess we leave behind from our manufacturing, and we work to reduce that even further every day. 

3. Protection of resources and use of renewable energies and best available technologies. This is, of course, a mouthful. But what we do that got us this certification is our handling of water as mentioned above (we take that very seriously), our use of solar energy to power our manufacturing (we currently run all of our cutting and sewing manufacturing by solar power (more to come)), and our cotton waste and plastic bottle waste recycling operations. Even writing about it is a mouthful…

4. And finally, management of waste. We recycle our waste. That includes water, cotton, and polyester from recycled plastic bottles. We recycle absolutely every bit of waste that is possible. All of it.

We take all of that stuff very seriously. It is how we do things. It is who we are.

So, that’s a wrap on the “environmentally friendly production” part of the Made in Green certification. And we do take all of that very seriously, but can you imagine if we wrote about all aspects of it in one journal entry???

Imagine all the naps you would have gotten trying to read through it all….

Up next on the Made in Green certification requirements, Product and Consumer Safety…thanks for reading!


Etavonni Home Team