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What happens when you combine a commitment to sustainability
with a passion for global design?


Innovative, earth-wise, thoughtful design with a global perspective. A new introduction targeting socially- and eco-conscious customers who are in rhythm with worldwide concerns and who seek, not a brand, but a life essential and an expression of self. Something with which they can form a bond at a glance, at a touch, at the precise moment of discovery. Something that can enhance their role in the eco revolution and make a personal contribution to their own sense of style. An idea with a shared stance that belongs in their world, therefore, it belongs to them.

ETAVONNI HOME. Bedding collections that prove it’s ok to be beautiful and responsible all at the same time. Unexpected flowers vs. expected florals. Indonesian batiks, both exotic and iconic. Understated chinoiseries – simplified yet elevated. A new point of view on Africa – not tribal, but a celebration of cultural design influences spoken with a modern voice.

Mindfully crafted and carefully sourced today for a better world tomorrow, ETAVONNI HOME will consistently bring a globally-inspired aesthetic to the home.

We are steadfastly committed to our product creation process. Our every endeavor will adhere to internationally recognized standards, fully embrace the use of Certified Small Farm Cotton grown in Africa, abide by Made in Green practices assuring zero harmful substances in manufacturing, and stand firm on socially responsible methods that underscore environmentally friendly workplaces.

Sustainability is our most important core value.

And as sustainability is the message of the ages for all ages…

A brand within a brand with a purpose, but no sacrifice to the best practice and high sustainability bars we have set. 100% recycled, repurposed, reimagined materials transformed into bedding collections with a younger aesthetic and more youthful appeal: patterns and prints influenced by shibori, inspired by the past for the present and taking their cue from global statements.

For a better world. Every sustainable detail. A new kind of beautiful.


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